Boy Scout Suggests Addition to Genealogy Research Favorites List

As I write a blog post, I often wonder if I'm talking to myself. Does anyone read it? Does it just sit in the abyss? Is it waiting for my future descendant to discover that their ancestor hunted dead people in her spare time? Apparently not! I Hunt Dead People has provided a resource for a Boy Scout and a new genealogist.

Boy Scout Merit Badge
Boy Scout Genealogy Merit Badge

This morning I received an email from Isaac's mom. He is working on his Genealogy Merit badge. They wanted to thank me for the I Hunt Dead People Genealogy Research Favorites list. Isaac wondered if I'd be willing to add a really cool resource, Genealogy for Kids: Building a Family Tree link to the Favorites page. He'd discovered this resource while fulfilling the requirements for his badge requirements. My response? I'd be foolish not to share such a great suggestion from a fledgling genealogist on our website!

Genealogy Research Favorites

Isaac, best of luck to you on your family history search! If you need help digging further into tracking down your ancestors, just drop me an email! I'm here to help.

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  1. Doug on May 6, 2023 at 10:31 PM

    Pay it forward. Well done Cin!

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